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It's rare that I would like both the opening and ending of an anime. I thought BIG ORDER the anime did very well on their opening and ending sequences but what sets it apart is their music and lyrics.
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Big Order : Opening & Ending Theme

There are many a time when an Anime starts, you get your impressions right off the bat from it’s opening sequence. I also found it rare that if I like the opening, I may not have liked the ending or vice versa. As a first post, despite I did say I was going to review vintage anime, I thought that it might be nice to post an anime that I had just finished and have now progressed to the Manga. Yes, I discovered the anime first. The anime I am talking about is none other than Big Order. This was an anime which I got hooked to both the Opening and Ending sequence because it tickled my curiosity and the lyrics, I thought, were very provoking…. well at least to me! The opening theme is DISORDER by  Yousei Teikoku. I was impressed at their MV as they tried to emulate not only the anime, but were also dressed in Goth (which doesn’t really surprise me as it’s quite common for punk rock Japanese bands I know). For DISORDER’s full lyrics in English, please click here.

The ending theme was Kobore Sekai Owari by Aki Hata. I found this to be pretty haunting albeit a little weird, but the tone and the lyrics (the title means in English, “Ruin, World, End!”) just didn’t make sense at all. I like music that set the overall atmosphere for the anime and with their weird lyrics that one can relate to the anime (and at times in real life), both this opening and ending themes made me happy! If you must have the English lyrics, please click here. Well, I leave you with the official videos from BIG ORDER the anime. Till next time, have a blast!



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