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Your Company and Free Email Addresses

another web project by the lab ratz

Whenever you attend an interview, I’m very sure you will take the necessary precautions in ensuring you’re presentable to your future employer, if all goes well. After all, first impressions are¬†extremely¬†important. Yet, why can’t the same be said for companies as well? In Malaysia, I have received many, many business cards and one thing that really irks me is – an email address from a free email service provider for a business. In my opinion, I believe that this should not happen, no matter how small you are. Remember, every time you give someone your business card, you’re actually going for an interview ….

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Photographer Portfolio / Website Sale!

build your online business with thelabratz

Are you a photographer on the hunt to set up your very first on-line portfolio / website? Or considering a revamp to your existing site? Well then, check out our limited time offer below!

another web customization by thelabratz

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Pretty In White

a web project by thelabratz

Client : Pretty In White
Industry : Fashion Design, Wedding Gown, Custom Bespoke Accessories
Scope of work : Website revamp and customizations

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